Business Entrepreneurship Visa

With an investment in your business project starting at CAN$150,000, you can get a business work permit and create your business in Canada. After 12 months, you can apply for your Permanent Residency Visa.

Business Immigration offers the opportunity to immigrate to Canada

Business Immigration: PR in Canada Through Entrepreneurship and Investment

Entrepreneur Immigration Requirements:

Personal net worth of at least $600,000 Demonstrated business and/or management experience of three years. Establish a new business or purchase and improve an existing business Make an eligible personal investment of at least $200,000 in the business in Quebec. Create at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen / permanent resident in the business Active and ongoing management of the day-to-day business operations Demonstrated residence in B.C.

Know more about Business Entrepreneurship Visa

Canada offers a thriving marketplace and attractive business immigration programs that can facilitate the establishment and growth of international businesses. Canadian Business and Investor immigration offers several immigration pathways for international entrepreneurs, investors and start-up businesses to establish their companies in Canada. It offers several federal and provincial immigration streams to create new job opportunities in local economies by encouraging foreign businesses to establish or expand operations in Canada. As an experienced business owner or manager, you can immigrate to Canada through one of the several business immigration streams offered.

Most immigration streams under Business Immigration require you to invest out of your personal net worth. However, under the Federal Startup Visa and Self-Employed programs, you are not required to make any upfront investment.