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Canada Work Permit from Middle East

A Clear Overview of Canada Work Permit from Middle East

Canada is known as a country that embraces cultural harmony and competent foreigners. It is a dream for many capable immigrants to find an education or occupation in Canada. However, the procedure of obtaining permits or visas can be a difficult task. It can be confusing to apply yourself since there are various rules and regulations. The type of visa or permit to apply for depends upon the nature of the visit and the sort of jobs you intend to pursue. To make your dreams easier to achieve, GSR Consultant lends our hands by providing professional ICCRC-registered Canadian work visa consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Schedule a Free Consultation with our experts to get closer to your dreams.

Why Choose Canada to Live & Work?

Canada is one of the well-known developed countries with straightforward and favourable policies for immigrants. It is an industrial economy that requires a lot of labor, leading to many well-paid job opportunities for people. Canada enjoys abundant natural resources, which add to its beauty. It is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, bewitching national parks, spellbinding natural landscapes, and more. Working in a beautiful country like Canada is bound to be a rewarding experience.

Furthermore, Canada offers a high standard of living and low taxes thanks to its strong economy. The country also boasts low healthcare costs, good quality education, subsidised housing, and a diverse cultural profile, accepting different nationalities and ethnicities. Due to Canada’s low population density and wide geographical coverage, the country’s demand for labour is always high. This allows immigrants to quickly find work that matches their qualifications. All of these reasons have made it the number one choice for most people thinking of emigrating overseas.

How to Apply for Work Permit in Canada from Middle East?

GSR Consultants, the top work permit visa consultants in Dubai, assist in getting the work permit done by guiding you in all the required paperwork. Below we have provided the blueprint for applying for a work permit in Canada from Dubai.

The first step is to get approval from Canada LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Before recruiting foreign professionals, Canadian employers must contact the LMIA to explain the requirement of a foreign worker to fill the labor shortage. They need to submit proof that the candidate is professionally skilled to do the specific job and that it cannot be performed by a Canadian citizen or a PR Holder.

After getting approval from LMIA, the employer will forward a copy of the LMIA document and a valid job offer to the candidate. So they can proceed with the work permit application process. The candidate can apply for a work permit in Canada from UAE by submitting the visa application to IRCC.

Handling the entire Canada work permit application process from Dubai without professional assistance can be daunting and time-consuming. So, to make your work permit application process easier, you can contact GSR Consultant in Dubai. We are the leading Canada work permit consultants who can provide an end-to-end solution to getting a work permit in Canada.

Pursuing a career in Canada brings a lot of benefits for workers, and it includes the following:

Pursuing a career in Canada brings a lot of benefits for workers, and it includes: Opportunity to earn a better salary Access to free medical and healthcare systems High-standard of living Better education for your children These are just a few key points that make Canada the first choice for many people when deciding where to live, work, and enjoy a fantastic lifestyle. So, how will you get started working in Canada? That’s why we are here! GSR Consultant works with a team of ICCRC registered Canadian consultants to guide you through the Canadian immigration process.

Types of Canada Work Permit from Middle East

A work permit is a proof that you can stay in the territory and pursue jobs for a stipulated amount of time. Such permits are different from visas because the latter allows you to enter the country, whereas a work permit permits you to work in an unknown country. Immigrants may need a job offer from the country to proceed with the work permit application. This is not necessary in all cases. You could opt for an Employer specific work permit or an open work permit.The Employer Specific Work Permit might be requested when a recognized business in another country, like Canada, for instance, requires a foreigner to come and work with them due to the unavailability of appropriately qualified labour in Canada. While applying for this work permit, a job offer from your potential employer and other documents will be needed.

By contrast, the Open Work Permit of Canada authorizes you to hold jobs in the country for a fixed amount of time without specifying an employer in advance. If you are a student, you can work in Canada while your permit gets processed.

While this might seem confusing initially, being clear with all your documentation, like visas and work permits, will let you focus on building your new life in Canada without any administrative worries.