EUROPE - Golden Visa Program

A “Golden Visa” is an immigration program that grants wealthy individuals a residence permit in a foreign country in return for a substantial investment.

EUROPE - Golden Visa Program

European Golden Visas – How to Get EU Permanent Residence by Investment

What Is a Golden Visa?

A “Golden Visa” is an immigration program that grants wealthy individuals a residence permit in a foreign country in return for a substantial investment. A “Golden Passport“, on the other hand, is a program that grants someone the citizenship and the passport of the county in which they have invested. In both instances, the investor is (usually) not required to live full-time in the country in which they have invested.

To be eligible for a Golden Visa or Golden Passport in Europe, your investment should be quite large; ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Considering the amount of money involved and the fact the investment is in a foreign country, it can be overwhelming.

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European Golden Visa

You will receive a European Golden Visa if you purchase a property or make a large investment in a European country. EU Golden Visas are issued in the form of a temporary residence permit, which can be renewed continuously for as long as you maintain your investment (or until you become eligible for permanent residency). The EU Member States that issue Golden Visas or investment programs include Spain, Greece, and Malta as some of the most popular.

You do not always have to live in the EU State to keep renewing your residence permit. However, to obtain permanent residence or citizenship, most States will require actual residency

Citizenship is not guaranteed if you receive a Golden Visa. In order to receive citizenship in a certain EU State via a Golden Visa, you must spend a specific amount of time actually living there. Requirements for citizenship by investment depend on each State separately, but you are usually looking at about seven to ten years of continuous residency.

Requirements for a Golden Visa or Golden Passport

The eligibility requirements for a Golden Visa or Golden Passport are different from country to country, but generally include the following: You must own the money intended for investment The money must have been acquired legally You must have no history of criminal records You must be able to sustain yourself and your family members for the period of time you intend to live in the EU State.

Do the Same Conditions Apply to Family Members?

Yes, in most cases, a Golden Visa or Passport is issued to the main investor, as well as their immediate family members (spouse and children).

How Much Investment Is Required for a Golden Visa?

The amount of money you have to invest to be eligible for a Golden Visa depends on the country.
Some countries, such as Spain, Portugal, or Greece offer residence by investing in real estate, companies, government bonds, or certain industries in the country. In these cases, the amount of money required for investments usually does not exceed €500,000.
On the other hand, there are EU countries such as Switzerland, Italy, and Austria which require a much more active investment method, such as creating job opportunities. Investment requirements in these countries are higher.
The experts at La Vida – Golden Visas will guide you in the right direction on exactly what type of investment is the best for you.