Intra Company Transfer

Do you want to know your eligibility for the Intra-Company Transfer to Canada?

The Intra-Company Transferees can qualify for permanent residency through the Express Entry system or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Intra-Company Transfer: Businesses Transferring Employees to Their Canadian Locations

Who is Eligible for the Intra-Company Transfer as an Employee?

As an employee, you will be required to meet certain general requirements: Be employed at a company with a parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada Have a qualifying relationship with the company Work at an executive level, a senior management level, or a position that requires specialized knowledge Work at the company for 1 year in the last 3 years Your position at the company must fall within 3 categories: Executive Level: Executives are primarily responsible for directing a major component of the company and require general supervision from high-level management. Senior Management Level: Senior managers are primarily in charge of the overall management of the company or managing other professional employees. Specialized Knowledge Workers: Workers with specialized knowledge must demonstrate that they have advanced expertise in the products or services offered by the company.

What are the Requirements for the Intra-Company Transfer as a Business?

As an employer, if you want to transfer your qualified employees to Canada, then you will have to meet certain requirements. You must be actively engaged in business with your Canadian parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate. The Intra-Company Transferee work permit can be renewed. However, certain evidence must be provided for renewals: The foreign company must have a qualifying relationship with the Canadian company. The Canadian office must have engaged in continuous operations in the last year The Canadian office is staffed

What is the NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer?

NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer is a similar Intra-Company Transfer work permit available under the Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement. It is available to American and Mexican enterprises with a qualifying relationship with a parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada. The general requirements for this program are similar to the Intra-Company Transfer work permit. Employees eligible for this program will be exempt from the LMIA requirement.

Intra-Company Transferees Processing Time

The processing times for an Intra-Company Transferee work permit depend on the applicant's country of residence. Applicants who are also eligible under the Global Skills Strategy qualify for expedited 2-week processing.