LMIA - Owner Operation program

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Owner Operation program

LMIA Owner Operator Visa Business Plan: LMIA Exemption in Canada

What Is The LMIA Owner Operator And Who Is It For?

Businesses hiring foreign workers for legal employment in Canada usually require a full LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) before proceeding to the next phase of the process.

Businesses undergo the LMIA process to prove that hiring outside of Canada won’t create a negative impact on the Canadian economy. This document proves a genuine need for a foreign hire to fill a vital position. The process is complex and is very detailed.

For LMIA owner-operators, creating business in Canada is the main skillset, so it is exempt from the LMIA process!

An LMIA owner-operator’s LMIA-exemption makes it different from other types of foreign worker programs, this may reduce the processing time while increasing the odds of a successful application.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements Of The LMIA Owner Operator?

Businesses and enterprises don’t automatically receive work permits because of LMIA exemptions designed to expedite business immigration. This program features specific owner-operator LMIA requirements that must be proven before proceeding to apply for a work permit:

Applicant must be the sole proprietor of the organization, or Applicant must own a minimum of 50.1% of total shares in the company An official document must prove that the applicant shareholder owns controlling interest For owner-operator LMIA Canada, you must have a significant role in managing the business The sole proprietor or majority shareholder can’t be dismissed from their position An LMIA Owner Operator Visa Business Plan, which includes financial planning and investment Applicant must show the ability to create employment for Canadians and residents

What Are Some Features Of A Successful LMIA Owner Operator Visa Business Plan?

Our business plans will be customized to your specific situation and be ready for the Canadian government body of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). They will cover comprehensive areas that meet government requirements and standards:

Executive Summary Business Description: Includes description of products or services Strategy and Implementation Financial Projections Profitability Analysis Industry Analysis Market Analysis SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis or marketing plan Competitive Landscape Analysis